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North American Quarterly Sulfur Review
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  • ConSul correctly anticipated the US and Global decline in phosphate demand throughout  2014 issues.
  • Accurately predicted 2015 and 2016  Sulfur Price Declines
  • Trusted Dialogue with Subscribers

IFA Global Safety Summit, Aman Jordan. March 2017 

Volatile Sulfur Particulates (VSP); Potentially lethal-Proper worker protection is mandatory!

IFA Vancouver Canada.  

Sulfur Dust, Impact on Safety, Health and Environment.

MESPON Abu Dhabi

Airborne Sulfur Dust: Composition and Control

SYMPHOS Marrakech, Morocco; IFA Global Safety Summit Vancouver, Canada.  Speech and Workshop.

Dust Considerations When Handling Formed Sulphur in Bulk

SOGAT  Abu Dhabi

Sulfur Dust and Volatile Particulate.  Why Size Matters


  • Kuwaiti Review of Sulfur Operations

  • Sulfur Marketing Consulting Assignment-Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi-Formed Sulfur Specifications and Dust Mitigation

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