Why ConSul?

From the Majestic Flathead Valley to the Drama of the Blue Ridge Mtns

It's no accident that the leading sulfur commercial specialist consultancy sprung from headquarters adjacent to iconic Glacier National Park in northwest Montana. The North American sulfur world emanates from southern Alberta. We grew and strengthened on behalf of our global clients in the shadow of the Flathead Mountains for two decades.  


The next phase of ConSul's evolution centers in another iconic and sulfur-Infused base in Western North Carolina.  Since September 2017, Con-Sul Inc has relocated our corporate headquarters to Burnsville, NC.  Our new locale allows us to better serve our Middle Eastern, European and South Asian clients with easy access flights and superior internet connectivity.  We always welcome your visit to our headquarters!

Yes, we live and work in gorgeous surroundings!   But even more than physical proximity to the global sulfur action, it's what ConSul does and how we do it that matters most.

ConSul's experts tap industry sources, synthesize real world data with economic pragmatism, and deliver thought provoking analyses with actionable insights. This is what makes the tangible and productive business difference to our clients. And yes, our offices do happen to be in a most beautiful location just 30 minutes from an international airport facilitating easy on-site 'strategic' engagements.



Finger on the pulse. ConSul is a strong participant in the industry's most important and relevant forums, conferences and organizations. Because we're there, we can connect the dots for our clients. Forty two years of sulfur and phosphate operational expertise, networking and membership in TFI, TSI, and IFA inform our perspective and institutional knowledge. Our unparalleled access to the global players that drive the sulfur and fertilizer markets adds critical depth and context to our client engagements. Together, it means ConSul has a rather unique and respected vantage point from which to guide and add important, objective market value to industry players, discourse and commerce.  We'd love the opportunity to help you do more, be more effective and enjoy more upside.

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Jerry d'Aquin
Contributing Editor

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