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We specialize in commerce and economic matters impacting the sulfur and fertilizer industries and have done so successfully since 1987.


ConSul's primary objective is to significantly enhance the profitability of clients' sulfur-related commerical activities. 


We identified Sulfur's 'Cocoa Effect' and its outsized impact on Solid Sulfur Handling






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"Reading your Quarterly is very refreshing compared to the bland, generic feel I get from the others."

Director of Sulfur


"A little water is a (very good) thing!”



That’s the message from Gerard d’Aquin, global sulfur expert and President of ConSul Inc to senior government and industry officials in the Middle East coping with the spate of sulfur handling fires and explosions, including the recent incident at Ruwais refinery.


Mr. d’Aquin, whose high profile research  on the ‘Cocoa Effect of Sulfur’ is using his speeches, including MESPON in Abu Dhabi (October 2015)  to draw attention to  alternative production technologies and handling protocols that make sulfur production safer for humans and the environment. According to d’Aquin, the key to safer sulfur production and handling is  incorporating   small amounts of water into the manufacturing process.


Sulfur dust is a natural occurrence in sulfur production.  But sulfur produced with less than .05% moisture content is much more susceptible to excessive airborne particulates which can ignite and contribute to industrial disease and environmental pollution. According to d’Aquin, while it may be tempting to want the driest possible material, the offset in human, environmental and disaster costs far outweigh the inclusion of increased moisture at the very outset.  Wet-formed sulfur is superior because it is in harmony with the very nature of the element itself.  Water encapsulates sulfur dust  when handled much as water encapsulates cocoa when it is mixed.  The result is improved control and superior outcomes.  


 The current  ADNOC guideline for sulfur production is .o5 or less moisture content.  Expanding that guideline to encourage production with moisture of  up to 2% would greatly reduce the regions exposure and risk of sulfur dust creating difficult health, safety and environmental hazards . 

"I remember your telling one of the OSHOT audiences that Canadians shouldn’t put all their oil eggs in the US market basket. How right you were." Bob Tippee, Editor

Oil and Gas Journal


 "Jerry , your passion and creativity is obvious! You and the Quarterly Review help me think a bit differently (or maybe more boldly?) about my ultimate sulfur sourcing strategy. I’m sure there will be calls into the future. " Remington Kendall, Simplot


"Jerry has developed over the years unique insight in how the Sulphur related markets act and will potentially move. For those in related businesses to have this type of insight and knowledge is valuable to positioning your company and adjusting your offerings."

Jordan Burns, Tessenderlo Inc.


"When I was new in sulfur, Jerry was extremely patient with my questions and challenges. I consider him an essential resource." Douglas Towns, former President Koch Sulfur Co.

"I have never worked with a business partner in whom I had more confidence or with whom I more thoroughly enjoyed meeting transaction challenges. Clearly, Jerry has earned a well-deserved reputation for industry knowledge and business integrity. I recommend him without reservation."  John Hove, Attorney

"Jerry's knowledge of the fertilizer industry, especially sulfur, is second to none. His ability to solve complex marketing, transportation, and material planning issues is almost uncanny...a great 'bang for the buck'" Stan Hickson, former Senior Executive, Trammo




IFA Global Safety Summit, Aman Jordan. March 2017 

Volatile Sulfur Particulates (VSP); Potentially lethal-Proper worker protection is mandatory!

IFA Vancouver Canada.  

Sulfur Dust, Impact on Safety, Health and Environment.


MESPON Abu Dhabi

Airborne Sulfur Dust:  Composition and Control


SYMPHOS Marrakech, Morocco; IFA Global Safety Summit Vancouver, Canada.  Speech and Workshop.

Dust Considerations When Handling Formed Sulphur in Bulk


SOGAT  Abu Dhabi

Sulfur Dust and Volatile Particulate.  Why Size Matters


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